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Dry Chemical Powder

Dry Chemical Powder


Dry Chemical Powder: It is a nontoxic powder composed of very small chemical particles with added particulate material supplemented by special treatment to provide resistance to packing, moisture absorption (caking) and the proper flow capabilities.

Extinguishing Mechanism:

BC powder is used on fires involving flammable liquids and gases, it is generally accepted that when the powder is introduced directly into the fire area it causes the fire to go out by interfering with the chemical chain reaction in the combustion zone.

ABC powder differs from BC powder in that it is acidic in nature. In addition to similar effectiveness on class B and C fires when compared to BC powders, it has unique effectiveness on class A fires. When it comes in contact with the burning surface of an ordinary combustible, a molten residue is formed. This residue coats the burning ember and excludes oxygen.



Dry chemical powders are packed in double –plastic bags and also in drum as per customer’s demand.



Powders should be stored in dry locations under 50°C in original packaging, before use.