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Fire Suppression System


Fire fighting water systems control & suppress the fire by cooling & separating the fuel from the air (oxygen), cooling the structure which involved the fire is most applicable way to avoid the failure the structure and spreading the fire.

Any water system shall comprising following sections as minimum:
1- Reliable water reservoir or network to comply requirement of system for appropriate duration.
2- Pump station (if use from water reservoir) to provide required pressure head for proper operation of system.
3- Automatic Control valve like deluge valve, Alarm check valve, Dry Alarm valve to control the system's actuation.
4- Interconnecting Piping: Valves, Pipes, fittings, Supports.

Application of Water systems:
- Protection of Residential Buildings specially high rise towers
- Protection of Hotels & Museum
- Protection of Commercial complexes
- Protection of Automobile parking
- Protection of Transformers
- Protection of fuel storage tanks & process vessels
- Protection of chemical import/export jetties

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