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Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher on Trolley

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher on Trolley / Powder and Foam Fire Extinguisher on Trolley EN 1866

Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher on trolley is made of seamless Manganese steel to withstand high storage pressure. It is effective on class B and class C fires and electrically non conductive. Capacities: 15kg, 2x15kg, 32kg and 45 kg

Fire extinguisher on trolley units is available in ABC powder and AFFF foam type. ABC dry chemical powder fire extinguisher on trolley is effective for use on class A, B & C fire and it is ideal for multi-risk fire.

AFFF foam fire extinguisher on trolley is suitable for class A and B fire and highly effective for flammable liquid fire. Trolley units can be operated by one person and are suitable for areas with high risk for fire such as industrial facilities Capacities: 25kg, 50kg, 75kg for powder and 45L for foam.