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BMS System

BMS System

Building managements systems (BMS) control, monitor and optomise a building’s facilities, mechanical and electrical equipment for comfort, safety and efficiency.

70% of a buildings energy use can be managed effectively through a Building Management Systems (BMS). They are most commonly deployed in larger building complexes to manage primarily heating and ventilation, lighting, and power use.
GuardPoint Pro effectively combines the management of your access control with that of the facilities in the building. The integrated alarm and control management packages can detected when the first and last person leave a room or floor meaning that energy, heating and lighting can be control to the most efficient levels. With intelligent occupancy counting mechanisms, GuardPoint Pro can also make decisions on the amount of lighting, power, ventilation and/or heating required based on the number of users in a particular zone.

Fire alarm systems and elevators can also be linked to a BMS, so that on fire detection, GuardPoint can action a crisis level so that elevators can be grounded, sprinkler systems action ventilation systems increased and muster reports produced.
Through open integration protocols like OPC, ODBC, XML and ASCII, Sensor solutions can also communicate to your existing infrastructure and facility systems.

Benefits of BMS

  • Increased staff productivity
  • Effective monitoring and targeting of energy consumption
  • Higher rental value
  • Central or remote control and monitoring of building
  • Increased level of comfort and time saving
  • Ease of information availability problem diagnostics.
  • Computerized maintenance scheduling
  • Early detection of problems
  • More satisfied occupants
  • Improved safety and emergency management