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Video Management System

video analysis

digivod® supports different types of camera-based video sensors and offers a powerful integrated server-based video analysis that runs with all cameras.

In many cases the camera builtin motion detection can be used to detect movements inside of buildings. This detection is seamlessly integrated into the digivod® alarm management. It can be activated directly from the digivod® camera administration.

 Complex and specialized outdoor and indoor video analysis can also be performed by camera software plug-ins. In digivod® several Axis camera plugins have been integrated e. g. video analysis (via:sys), people counting and crossline detection.

 For most demanding video analysis applications digivod® offers an optional server-based real-time video analysis. This recognizes fence crossings and movements in freely defined analysis fields. Minimum and maximum size for event-triggering objects can be specified. Detected objects are marked with colored frames. The color represents the status of recognition.