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Access Control System

ID & Visitor Management

An effective ID and visitor management system simplifies the documentation and administration involved in recording the details, privileges, documents and ID credentials of your employees, visitors, and contractors.

Sensor Access’ GuardPoint Pro application enhances and streamlines your ID and visitor management duties by seamless integrating them with existing access control technology on site. Utilising GPP workstations, administrators can enroll new visitors and cardholders and whilst searching through current and old visitors and cardholders decreasing enrollment time for repeat visitors.

GuardPoint Pro facilitates advanced enrolment of the visitor data into the system from any workstation. The visitor can be assigned an employee escort, assigned active date ranges for the visitors scheduled visits, capture their photo, signature and supporting scanned documentation like a passport and assign access privileges to the visitor. This enrollment can then be sent to a superior administrator or management for approval with a simple click. Then, upon arrival, the visitor can be signed in with a printed badge, and the employee host can be notified electronically via email.

Visitor information can be either imported into the system or manually entered from any licensed desktop within the organization. Employee hosts can be preassigned at the time the visit is scheduled, and a printed badge can be ready for the guest upon arrival.
GuardPoint Pro provides detailed visitor and visit tracking mechanisms. System administrators can track visitors scheduled arrival and departure times against their actual in and out times. If a visitor has been assigned access rights to card readers, system operators can tightly track the visitor’s movement throughout the facility using GuardPoint Pro Alarm Management application which when combine with GPP-CCTV can also link live and recorded video clips to the visitors activities.


  • Daily Visitors
  • Visitor Activity
  • Visitor Arrival and Departure Times
  • Custom Reports
  • Additions and Changes to Visitor Records


  • Uses Existing Desktop Infrastructure
  • Easy Installation and Deployment
  • Badge Design and print tools
  • Photo/Signature Capture
  • Bulk Sign-In/Printing
  • Prescheduled Visits
  • Employee Escort Assignment Function
  • Single Click Sign-In/Sign-Out Process
  • Customized Visitor Badge Layouts
  • Visitor Tracing
  • Biometric Capture and Encoding


  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • Streamlined Data Collection and Management